Centralized Racing Information

Helping to grow the flat track sport has been a focus for me over the past few years. I have always wanted to help but never was quite sure how to contribute. Over the past few years, I have been taking notes and studying the nuances of the flat track sport very closely. A few months ago, I started working on this web application to help with a few key factors.

While the site is still under construction and needs a lot of aesthetic work. However, the functionality is there and I will continue to add, improve, and take suggestions to help this become a centralized free system for the Flat Track racing community. If you would like to participate or would like a rider or promoter account, please feel free to contact me at 209-283-4569 or email me at cahoon140@gmail.com. Remember that this is a web application I built in my free time and still needs aesthetic tuning. Also, I hand coded everything to allow for the customization we need and to reduce costs. My goal after this has been vetted for stability is to then create a mobile app.